Liza Harwell


Elizabeth Harwell, known to most as Liza, is a passionate advocate for education, the arts, and community engagement. With a career spanning two decades in teaching, Liza has not only imparted knowledge but also nurtured creativity and a love for learning.

Beyond the classroom, Liza has raised three daughters immersed in the arts. Her commitment to fostering creativity extends to her own family, creating a home where imagination and expression flourish. The Harwell household is a testament to the belief that the arts play a vital role in personal development.
In addition to her roles in education and family, Liza has worn multiple hats throughout her career. She successfully ran a baking business, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit and culinary talents. Her ability to balance the demands of entrepreneurship with her teaching career is a testament to her organizational skills and passion for diverse interests. Liza has also served as an office manager for a financial advisor, demonstrating her versatility and adaptability in different professional domains. Her keen attention to detail and organizational skills have been valuable assets in every role she has undertaken.

At the core of Liza’s journey is her dedication to building a supportive community. Realizing that providing a safe space for others is the key to progress and growth has been the most impactful lesson that Liza has learned in her career. She looks forward to applying her experience, skills, and dedication to the Top Billing Board of Directors.