Scout Program

Girl Scout Badge Classes

Top Billing Entertainment is proud to partner with the Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles in order to help girl scouts of all ages earn badges and have fun while learning about dance, theater, and performing arts. It is Top Billing’s philosophy to share our love of performing and we know that performers who develop a high level of competency in each selected discipline will enjoy the benefits of healthy bodies, grace, confidence, technique, conditioning and the natural byproducts of joy, artistry, and performance skills.

Our experienced staff is able to teach all ages and all levels of acting, music, and dance. This is a great opportunity to learn, grow, and bond with fellow troop members.

In order to meet the requirements for the badge the girls would need to attend a 60 to 90 minute long session. Sessions are generally available on weekends, or as our schedule permits. During this time girl scouts work with professional dance and theater teachers to earn their badges. Girls should come dressed in a leotard and tights or exercise clothes. They may wish to bring ballet slippers, jazz shoes, or tennis shoes.

Sessions must be booked at least two weeks in advance. In order to host a session we need a minimum of 10 girl scouts, at a cost of $10 per girl. All fees are due at the time of booking and are nonrefundable. We’ll need a final headcount two days before the session to ensure we have enough materials. Fees do not include physical badges, which should be purchased by scout leaders. We can purchase badges for an additional $5 per girl.

Our various conditioning classes may also meet the requirements for other fitness badges. Scout leaders are welcome to talk with the Executive Director, Kristina Keener Ivy, about additional offerings and financial aid.

Cadets and Daisy Troupes: Although there are no direct links to dance in the journeys for these groups, if you find a badge you think we can help your scouts earn, we are more than happy to! Please email us at if you have suggestions or ideas.

We can also help your scouts earn the Girl Scout “Dance” fun patch, which is not an official badge, but can be worn on the back of the uniform vests/sash.

Brownies Badge Workshops:

Dancer, Brownie Performance

Do your feet start to tap when you hear a great song? Get ready to jump up and move to the beat in this badge. You’ll learn fun warm-ups, perform steps from new dances, and make a dance of your very own.

1. Warm up and get moving
2. Try a new dance
3. Take to the floor like a dancer
4. Make up your own dance
5. Show your moves!

Celebrating Community, Brownie Citizen

Communities often celebrate what makes them special. A Brownie group is a community! Other communities—your town, state, and country—have celebrations, like ceremonies or parades. They might also celebrate by building statues or museums. In this badge, find out what your communities do to celebrate all the people in them.

1. Explore community symbols
2. Sing together
3. Follow the parade
4. Be a landmark detective
5. Join a ceremony or celebration

Brownie Girl Scout Way

As a Girl Scout Brownie, you’re part of a sisterhood. Brownies all over the world share traditions and do good things to make the world a better place. In this badge, try some special Brownie traditions (some that Girl Scouts have been sharing for 100 years!)—and, of course, have a world of Brownie fun.

1. Sing everywhere
2. Celebrate Juliette Low’s birthday
3. Share sisterhood
4. Leave a place better than you found it
5. Enjoy Girl Scout traditions by completing one of the retired badges below:

“Let’s Pretend” Try It—All the World’s A Stage!
To earn a Try-It, Brownies must complete four of the activities listed:

  • Be a mime! Act out a story without using words.
  • Act it out. Act out a fairy tale, fable or well-known story.
  • Louder, Please! Try some breathing exercises.
  • Putting your best face forward. Make a mask.
  • Tongue Twisters. Practice a tongue twister and make up one of your own.

“Sounds of Music” Try It
What would you say is the difference between music and noise? Music usually has a regular sound or rhythm, but if you think about it, some noises, such as the drip, drip, drip of a faucet, can sound like music. What other noises, inside or outside, can sound like music? Create some instruments to make your own music!

“Making Music” Try It—We’ve Got Rhythm
Music is the art of making sounds. Different people find different sounds pleasing to the ear. Girls will sing and dance their way through this workshop that explores the different styles of musical theatre from Vaudeville to Broadway.

“Creative Composing” Try It
Compose means “to put together,” “to make up,” “to create.” Use your creative abilities by doing this Try-It.

Junior Badge Workshops:

Staying Fit, Junior – Healthy Living

You need a fit body and mind to do all your favorite things, from roller skating to writing in your diary to sharing advice with friends. Jump into this badge to figure out what fitness, food, and fun you need to stay strong for life.

1. Start moving!
2. Keep your fit body fueled
3. Know how to stress less
4. Get the truth about health
5. Help your family stay fit

When I’ve earned this badge, I’ll know what I need to get strong and stay that way.

Musician, Junior – Performance

Just about everyone loves music. And making it is just as fun as listening to it! Whether you’re already a musician, or you just want to see what it’s like to make sounds on an instrument, there’s something for you in this badge.

1. Explore how music is made
2. Travel around the world of music
3. Check out the music in your life
4. Make your own music
5. Perform your music

When I’ve earned this badge, I’ll know how music is made and how to perform music myself.

Playing the Past, Junior – Creative Play

Dream up a character: a girl or woman who lived in another time period. Maybe a poodle-skirt-wearing Girl Scout from the 1950s, a Wild West cowgirl, a medieval duchess, or a Japanese princess from long ago? You can be someone who really existed or a historical woman from your imagination. Give yourself a new name and get ready to live history!

1. Decide who you are
2. Create a costume
3. Experience daily life
4. Have some old-fashioned fun
5. Become your character

When I’ve earned this badge, I’ll know how girls of the past lived, worked, and played.

Junior Girl Scout Way

As a Girl Scout Junior, you’re on an adventure to find your path through the world. Our sisterhood is full of traditions to help guide you. In this badge, share activities and spirit that’s a century strong and growing stronger every day—because of Girl Scout stars like you!

1. Match songs to an occasion
2. Celebrate the Girl Scout birthday
3. Share sisterhood
4. Leave a place better than you found it
5. Enjoy Girl Scout traditions by completing one of the retired badges below:

“Now and Then Stories from Around the World” Theatre: “Once Upon A Time”

  • Many fairy tales share common elements:
  • There is a quest or a journey
  • Things appear in sets of three
  • Characters get magic “tools” such as magic swords or shoes or carpets
  • The main character must overcome an obstacle to become a better person before reaching her goal

Try creating a modern fairy tale that includes these traditional elements. How could you share your creation with others?

“Music Fan”
Learn about a variety of music types and cultures while earning the Music Fan badge. We will listen to the early beginnings of music through the years and hear how different cultures have influenced today’s musicians. Find out about classical, jazz, rock, rap, folk, pop, country, and gospel music with this badge.

“Making Music”
A musician is someone who creates art with musical instruments. Try your hand at one or more instruments. Is the musical life for you?

“Doing Hobbies”
Doing hobbies are activities that you like to do: singing, playing games or sports, cooking, taking pictures, gardening, painting, bird-watching, reading, or playing an instrument. Once you find a hobby that “fits,” you’ll spend hours having lots of fun.

“United We Stand” – Sing Out & Learn Patriotic Songs!
Sing out and learn patriotic songs: “America the Beautiful,” “God Bless America,” “America,” “The Star-Spangled Banner,” “This Land Is Your Land,” “Yankee Doodle,” “When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again.”

It’s never too early to start thinking about different careers and learning about the skills and education they require. Do you picture yourself center stage? Or are you the behind-the-scenes type, happy to design and build costumes or sets for a production? Find out all about creating, preparing for, and performing in a show.

It’s never too early to start thinking about different careers and learning about the skills and education they require.


Public Speaker, Cadette – Performance

They call it stage presence: the ability to be yourself and make a connection with people—even a crowd of people—and seem comfortable the entire time. And a great presenter’s talent for conveying your points clearly and powerfully is useful everywhere, not just in politics or on the stage. Luckily, you don’t have to be born with these skills; you can develop them.

1. Get a feel for performing solo
2. Focus on body language
3. Find your voice
4. Choose or create a piece to perform
5. Get onstage!

When I’ve earned this badge, I’ll have found my inner performer and be unafraid to speak up.

Screenwriter, Cadette – Storytelling

When it thrills, makes you laugh, or has a fantastic twist, a movie or TV show can seem like magic. And a great show starts with a great script! Screenwriters write scripts meant to be filmed. In this badge, put all your viewing experience to good use—let it inspire you as you try your hand at writing for the big (or small) screen.

1. Decide what makes a good script good
2. Come up with an idea for a story
3. Get to know your characters
4. Build the plot
5. Write a 12-page script — and share it!

When I’ve earned this badge, I’ll know how to create a screenplay for a show or movie.

Cadette Girl Scout Way

As a Girl Scout Cadette, you’re carving out your unique place in the world, using your intuition and special talents to blaze a trail that’s all your own. The Girl Scout Way is another compass that can help guide you: our proud traditions offer a strong foundation to build your dreams as part of a worldwide sisterhood. So dive right in and get started singing, celebrating, and bringing people together as you join hands with thousands of other Cadettes to blaze the Girl Scout trail into our new century.

1. Lead a group in song
2. Celebrate Girl Scout Week
3. Share sisterhood through the Girl Scout Law
4. Leave a camp better than you found it
5. Enjoy Girl Scout traditions by completing one of the retired badges below.

When I’ve earned this badge, I’ll know how to use the Girl Scout ways and traditions to make the world a better place.

“The Performing Arts” Badge—Theatre!
Awaken the actor within! Your scouts will learn the basics of stage acting, such as stage direction, story, plot and character development using standard acting methods as well as improvisation. Participation in the performing arts workshop will help to develop life skills such as creativity, social skills, communication skills (listening/focusing/thinking) and self-esteem.

“On a High Note” Badge
Music is a universal language. It often evokes a strong mood or feeling. Around the world and throughout the ages, music has played a key role in people’s lives. In this workshop you will enhance your singing, listening, composing, performing, and appreciation skills.

“The Play’s The Thing” Badge
Have you ever wondered just how the “magic” of theater really works? How does a play progress from an author’s concept to a fully costumed, stage-designed, and well-lighted production? Or have you ever pondered just what a director or producer does? This project goes beyond the script to give you an overview of stagecraft—scenery, costumes, and lighting—as well as a chance to make your directorial debut.