Laura Gage


Laura Gage has been an integral part of Top Billing Entertainment for nearly seven years, commencing her involvement when her daughter made her inaugural appearance and embarked on her journey in music, singing, acting, and directing. During this time, Laura has not only been a steadfast pillar of support for her daughter but has also joined us as a performer on stage and has extended her dedication to the TBE staff by actively contributing behind the scenes. Her contributions have encompassed the creation of props, costumes, set pieces, as well as overseeing the smooth execution of shows and recitals. In the present year, we are privileged to welcome Laura as one of our esteemed board members. Her unwavering drive and commitment to excellence align seamlessly with the values we uphold at TBE. Over the course of the past 25 years, Laura has honed her professional expertise as a Commercial Insurance Broker, amassing a wealth of experience in interacting with the public and accomplishing tasks with efficacy and precision. Laura’s inclusion as a board member is a testament to her exceptional qualifications and her dedication to Top Billing Entertainment’s continued success.