Kim Krok


Kimberly Krok has been an enduring presence at Top Billing Entertainment since its inception, making her an indispensable part of our history and growth. Her unwavering commitment and dedication to the organization have left an indelible mark over the years.

Throughout her tenure, Kimberly has been a versatile and invaluable contributor behind the scenes. Her meticulous attention to detail and financial acumen have been pivotal in the realm of bookkeeping, ensuring the organization’s financial stability and success. Beyond the numbers, she and her husband have been a driving force in set building and various aspects of production, tirelessly working to create the immersive and captivating worlds that our audiences have come to cherish.

Kimberly’s dedication extends to her family, with her daughter taking center stage in our productions since the age of 5. As a supportive and nurturing mother, Kimberly has been instrumental in fostering her daughter’s growth and passion within the performing arts. This year marks a significant milestone as her daughter graduated from high school and embarked on a new journey at UCLA, a testament to the guidance and encouragement she has received under Kimberly’s loving care.

Kimberly Krok’s steadfast commitment, both in her behind-the-scenes contributions and her role as a supportive parent, embodies the spirit of Top Billing Entertainment. Her enduring presence and dedication have been integral to our organization’s success, and we are grateful for her continued involvement in shaping our artistic community.