Ashley Harrison

Vice President

Ashley Harrison’s affiliation with Top Billing Entertainment began around 2011, marking a dedicated tenure of over a decade. During this time, she has actively participated in four productions, showcasing her commitment to the organization. Notably, she has contributed her talents to productions of “Legally Blonde,” twice, “Hairspray,” and “Rocky Horror Show.” In addition to her on-stage roles, Ashley has undertaken significant responsibilities off-stage. For an impressive span of eight years, she has diligently served as the Snack Bar Manager and as a valued member of the board, where her insights and dedication have played a pivotal role in the organization’s ongoing success. Ashley’s family has also been deeply immersed in the TBE community, with her children participating in numerous productions over the years. Her dedication to community extends beyond TBE, as she and her family generously volunteer their time and expertise to support local children’s sports teams, exemplifying a commitment to giving back. Beyond her involvement in the performing arts, Ashley is a business owner, demonstrating her entrepreneurial spirit and leadership capabilities in the professional realm. Moreover, she is an avid advocate for the arts, a passion that has been shared and nurtured within her family. Her daughter, who began her TBE journey at the tender age of 3, has flourished as a member of the Showstoppers competition team, a testament to Ashley’s unwavering support and encouragement of artistic pursuits. Ashley Harrison’s multi-faceted involvement in Top Billing Entertainment, encompassing her on-stage contributions, leadership roles, community engagement, and advocacy for the arts, underscores her invaluable presence and dedication within the organization.