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When I signed up for the city musical "Alice in Wonderland Jr.", I expected the rehearsal to be in the modern building with a red carpet leading up to the stage. I was surprised and a little scared when we arrived at an old building downtown. When we arrived upstairs there was a big room with lots of children singing and dancing. There were lots of adults organizing us in different groups. Some days we tried on costumes and learned new musical routines. There was so much going on it was exciting and creative. Like Alice, I never knew what to expect. Top Billing Entertainment created a wonderland in the old Opera House built in 1906. I was excited to go there every week. I feel lucky to have had this experience in a historical landmark of our city. - Emma J. (3rd Grader written for the Glendorian Magazine Youth Issue)

My voice instructor Tim is absolutely amazing and I love working with him. - Cameron N. (16 years old)

We are grateful for a studio that's as dedicated to their tiny performers as the kids are to their dreams. TBE family life is the best. - Stephanie M. (Dance Team Mom)

My kids are so excited for hip hop class! Miss Mel is an amazing teacher. She provides a safe and encouraging environment that is filled with fun games, rewards, technique, and amazing work ethic. Plus the kiddos love the music and choreography! - Chelsea M. (Mom of kids ages 4 & 6)

Best Summer Camp Ever!!! Thank you Top Billing Entertainment for a wonderful week. The girls are still talking about how wonderful it was. I feel so grateful to have found such a wonderful group of people who can put on such wonderful activities! - Linnae W. (Mom of kids ages 4, 6, & 9)

We are so blessed to have a teacher that teaches in a way you feel, educates you, shares her passion for the musical arts and theory with you, enlightens you, motivates you and encourages you. You just keep singing, thank you for sharing your passion Miss Mandee. - Stephanie M. (Mom of kid age 7)

About three years ago I would have never been in this place but now with this group Top Billing I feel like a different person. They have made me feel like a different person. They have made me stronger and much more of a hard worker and a believer in myself. Thank you Top Billing Entertainment for doing these things for me. - Adri G (14 years old)

One of my favorite things Avery has done so far is a tap duet performance with her instructor Tim! These two shine together. I am looking forward to more dances from them! Also I love watching the kids do what they love on stage, but I love watching them encourage each other backstage during the shows even more. Thank you Rica for stretching my girl in the contemporary piece. She actually enjoyed something other than tap! - Tracy L. (Mom of kid age 12)

We realized today that our son has been a piano student of the one-and-only Ms. K for six years as of this month! He started with her when he was 4.5, we are very lucky! - Nicole L. (Mom of kid age 10)

Top Billing Entertainment puts on AMAZING productions and every child will have their featured moment! Yasmeen has spent her last 5 summers being a part of their productions and has made so many friends and loves it! Your child is guaranteed to have their best summer yet. - Paris G. (Mom of kid age 16)

Marylou is taking guitar lessons and Peter made her feel at ease. First instrument she will actually practice at home. Thanks Peter! - Cressy M. (Mom of kid age 14)

Kristina Joy Keener Ivy, you made me cry again! You are the magic behind all of these shows! You brought out the best in each child and make their dream come true! You are a blessing! - Tess A. (Mom of kid age 15)

Got a quick glimpse of my girl soaking up Ballet with Miss Kelly this afternoon. So peaceful listening to classical music after a long hot day. I decided to just stop and enjoy the moment. Top Billing is always the place to be. - Virginia D.  (Mom of kid age 13)

Our daughter was cast as the lead character in the Inaugural Musical at the elite performing arts high school, CSArts in Duarte. Samantha is thrilled to take on the role of Pippin. This 12 year old is already breaking barriers and we can't wait to witness her share her gift. Thank you most especially Ms. Kristina Keener Ivy of Top Billing Entertainment who has been her inspiration and 2nd mother in performing arts for the past 7 years. Thank you to her 1st theater family Top Billing Entertainment for all the love and support along the way! - Jennifer M. (Mom of kid age 12) 

Amazing experience. Thank you for everything! Emily had the best of time and can't wait until next big show! I was blown away by the production from A-Z. Enjoyed meeting the staff and all the moms. Best part was the joy coming from the kids to perform and the joy I felt watching the show. Everyone I spoke to was saying the same thing. Amazing! – Laura G. (Mom of kid age 11)


This was our 1st experience in theater. My daughter decided to join after being captivated with last year's "Wizard of OZ" production. Keep in mind, she is a very shy 11 yr old with very little dance experience. We decided to support her in this new venture, despite the fact that we don't live anywhere close to the academy. 32 miles away to be exact. Trust me, I know. Although at times, I secretly wanted her to lose interest, change her mind and do something else closer to home, that day never came. Every weekend after every rehearsal she would jump in the car and excitedly tell me how much more she had learned and how much better she was getting at the choreography. During Tech week as she and I would get home at midnight all week, it took everything in me to not ask her to just quit because I was physically exhausted driving back and forth while working a 40 hour a week job. Then on Friday night as I anxiously sat in the audience commiserating with another parent about how tired we both were, the curtain opens and I sat there speechless. What I saw on stage was not the shy nervous 11 yr old old, I had seen at the auditions 3 months ago. I saw her smiling from ear to ear, singing, dancing and loving every minute of it. I was mesmerized by the transformation. I was amazed at the talent of all the actors, the choreography, the sets, the costumes, and most importantly the sheer joy I saw in all the children's faces as they proudly displayed all their hard work. I sat there truly impressed and I couldn't have been a prouder parent. I am grateful that my daughter got to be a part of this wonderful cast and crew. My hats off to all that worked to make this production a possibility. It was a great experience for her and one that she will never forget. Thank you Mrs. K and staff at TBE for making a shy girl's dreams come true. - Tanya M (Mom of kid age 11)

What an amazing weekend this was. All four shows and both casts of "Disney's The Little Mermaid" were truly remarkable in every way. What an honor and a privilege it was to participate in a small way. Thank you Kristina Keener Ivy for giving our performers a company to belong to, a theater family that we would choose over and over again and a place these kids of all ages can participate in Broadway caliber shows for young people💓. There are so many to thank. Teamwork that happens backstage to make the shows a reality is magic. Timothy Jackson & Melanie Rabajanteyou guys are a special type of talented and wonderful. All of the crew and stage parents I was blessed to work with this weekend I adore you all!! Erica Bartolome & back stage crew for taking care of my show Bug when my hands were busy in other responsibilities and making sure she felt so very loved... I never worried for my bug because you all show up and help in such a tremendous way!!! Beyond grateful. Tracy & Christa The two of you rocked with the costumes, that eel hair Christa.. And just your attitude and helping hand everywhere it was needed 💓A very special thank you to Samantha M, what an incredible team we made. Without her effort, help, participation, early mornings and late nights, willingness to go to any lengths ..., store runs, crafting, we would not of been able to achieve the awesome make up vision that we had.. on onstage it sure looked magical ... Seeing it all come to life I shed a tear of joy. It was beautiful ... Sam, as always you went above and beyond.. Know it wouldn't have been possible with out you. Kimberly for holding down the fort and making sure all that wanted to attend the show got the chance including me. I adore you. Blessed to be part of such an incredible hard working company on stage and behind the scenes. If I didn't mention you please know that you weren't forgotten, my heart is full because of you all and the magic we got to be a part of!! - Stephanie M (Mom of kid age 6)

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