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Spring Recital time is approaching!


Spring Recital performance will Saturday, June 10, 2023 at the Baldwin Park Performing Arts Center two performances (not all dancers will appear in each performance) at 1 pm and 6 pm. See current show order here. Go to to purchase tickets starting May 12, 2023

June 10 recital set list prelim 1.jpg

Dress rehearsal reminders:


Please always arrive to the theater with hair & makeup ready, costumes organized, tights and undergarments on. The theater costs $300-$600 per hour ($5+ per minute we are there) and it is not a good use of our money to pay to get ready there. Teachers will post about hair and makeup looks in the Bands & discuss during classes. 


Littles and non-dance team kids will be sitting in the audience when not on stage so they can watch the show too. Rows M-O seats 101-109 are reserved for performers or they can sit on laps with their family. (If there are empty seats on the day of the show the littles are welcome to sit there too, but we want to make sure the audience has seats.) 


We will also have 4 photo op backdrops backstage and will be doing photo shoots of each dancer and group as much as possible while the show is going and will post on our socials and in the bands. 


We will also post videos of all the routines on our YouTube for free! (Our gift to our performers.) 


We ask only one parent accompany the dancer backstage if needed. Ms. Hannah will be walking littles around from the audience seating and they can change costumes at intermission. Please do not move during a song or number. Wait until the performers are done to move from your seats. (Backstage at this theater is small so would prefer parents watch the show from the audience as much as possible.) Parents cannot watch from the wings of the stage, but there is a TV in the hallway where you can see the show as it is going. 


Please stay for the entire show, it is soul crushing when the audience leaves mid-way. 


Remember tickets increase $5 on the day of the show. You can see the current act list and seating chart at

Here is a timeline of the dress rehearsal and show week here

If you would like to place a program ad to support your performer, please use this form!

Purchase tights and shoes at

See photo week order forms & schedule here

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