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Competition Performance Team Open Auditions


Audition in person, on zoom, or submit a video.

Audition Parent Informational Meetings

Saturday, August 12, 2023 at 10 am

Open Auditions for Ages 3-18

Saturday, August 12, 2023 at 11 am

New This Season

We will be adding a vocal and acting audition component and performance opportunities. After the dance auditions, performers are invited to sing 30-60 seconds acapella of their favorite vocal style and perform a 1-3 minute monologue or cold read.  Cold read will be from these "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown" sides. This is an optional part of the audition but highly encouraged.

Mini Team 

  • Description 

    • An introductory experience. Performers must demonstrate energy and focus as well as an eagerness to learn. This is a beginner team so there are no current skills required. 

    • Dancers ages 3-8 

    • Solo, Duo, Trio eligible by audition or teacher rec.

  • Requirements

    • 1-2 group dances (excluding solo, duo trio)

    • Must be at least 3 years of age

    • 4-5 classes a week

      • Hip hop

      • Jazz

      • Ballet

      • Tumbling

      • Tap

    •  5-6 hours total per week


Junior Team

  • Description 

    • This a team representing our stars of tomorrow! Beginner-Intermediate performers who are getting ready to take their skills to the next level. We are looking for dancers who are ready to work hard to advance their skills.

    • Ages 8 and up

    • Solo, Duo, Trio eligible by audition or teacher rec. 

  • Requirements 

    • 2-4 group dances (excluding solo, duo, trio)

    • Beginner-Intermediate in most styles

    • 4-6 Classes a week

      • Hip hop

      • Jazz

      • Ballet

      • Lyrical/contemporary 

      • Jumps and turns

      • Tumbling

    • 6-8 hours per week 


Senior Team 

  • Description 

    • A true star is not only a talented performer but is dedicated to their craft and a true team player. This is an elite team that will consist of performers who portray those qualities and  possess that special star factor as well as a true passion for the stage! This is a team of leaders who have proven through audition and interview that they have achieved star status!

    • 8 and up

    • Eligible for Solo, Duo, Trio

  • Requirements

    • 4-6 dances (excluding solo, duo, trio)

    • What we will be looking for:

      • Knowledge of choreography 

        • Fast pick-up and accurate body language

      • Flexibility 

        • All 3 splits

      • Strength

        • A la seconde turns 

        • 3+ pirouette turns open and closed in both directions

        • Strong/controlled movement 

    • 3+ classes a week

      • Hip hop

      • Jazz

      • Ballet/pointe

      • Contemporary/Lyrical

      • Tumbling/Acro 

    • Interview 

      • Must demonstrate leadership qualities as well as commitment to the team

    • Intermediate-Advanced in most styles 

      • To be a true "Star" we are looking for Dancers who are strong in multiple areas. (Still acceptable to specialize in certain areas)

    • 5-9 hours per week



  • Team Leadership

    • Captains, Co-Captains, Mini Team Captains, Assistants 

  • Work Trade Scholarship

    • Requirements 

      • Must demonstrate financial need with tax return or proof of enrollment in WIC/SNAP 

      • Must be nominated by teacher

      • Demonstrate leadership and commitment 

      • Been on team at least 1 year

      • Participate and help run fundraisers

      • Come up with at least one new fundraiser idea each semester and implement it

      • Help clean studio daily

      • Help assist mini classes as needed


There will be a once a month Saturday or Sunday rehearse approximately 3-5 hours for ALL team practice.




For more information please contact Ms. K at or 626-963-1300.

Past year's costs are listed below:

Class fees monthly - $175-$225


Competition Fees - solos, duets, trios can cost $125-$175 to enter. The group fees are split by the team and can cost $50-$100 per number per competition.


Choreographer Fees - the dancers are invited to hire TBE staff to choreograph solos, duets, trios, etc. for competitions and showcase performances. Most start at $60 per hour but cost depends on the choreographer. Group numbers and small group numbers will normally be taught during rehearsal times and at the coach's discretion.   


Costumes - will be decided by the coach and team in August, costs can range from $50-$200 per costume. Each dancer will be required to purchase a warm-up suit, dance bag, and dance shoes in addition to costumes. Costs can range from $100-$200.

Sibling discounts are available if all siblings are members of dance team.

Competition/Performance Schedule:

3-5 Competitions

2 Main Stage Showcase Performances or Movies

1 Dance Team Only Showcase Fundraiser or Movie

2 Group Class Recitals

2 City of Glendora Dance Recitals

Disneyland Parade - if available

Disneyland Community Arts Showcase - if available

Orange County Fair

Covina Christmas Parade - if available

Glendora Christmas Parade - if available



To be announced and will be scheduled monthly. Dancers will only be called for rehearsals for numbers they are in. 


Zoom/Video Audition Submissions


Zoom Audition Process:

Zoom Audition request will close 2 days prior to audition date (July 18, 2021). This will allow instructors time to access the rosters and contact the families with audition access information. Instructors will provide participants with audition info (ie. links, password, etc) at least two days before the audition starts. TBE will share the audition access info with our admin. staff for participants who might call and have trouble gaining access to the class.

Those who participate on Zoom for auditions will need the following:

•          Good lighting

•          Decent video quality

•          All Black Attire

•          Ballet shoes, Jazz Shoes, Tap Shoes, and any other form of dance attire that will help you with your dancing.

•          Hair must be up and out of your face (preferably in a bun)

•          Enough living space to dance comfortably.


Audition Video Submission:


Auditions through video submission must be sent by the audition date (July 24, 2021). Those interested in sending a video audition must have the following:

•       Good lighting

•       Decent video quality (not pixilated)

•       All black attire

•       Hair must be out of your face

•       Full body view on video

The requirements we ask to submit on your audition video will be the following:

•       Announcement of your full name and age.

•       A brief verbal summary about yourself and your experience in dance. If no dance experience is applicable explain why you would like to start dancing.

•       A small dance choreographed by you or a past instructor must be a minimum of 30 seconds and no more than 1 minute long.

•       Any special tricks or stunts that can be preformed on video. No more than three please.


Keep the videos as short as possible and please have all of the video requirements in one video.


If you have any further questions please email or call 626-963-1300 with any questions.


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