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You are invited to OPEN AUDITIONS for

The Wizard of OZ
For Ages 3-18
*Older Actors by Invitation Only

Please use the link on the left here to fill out the cast enrollment form. You will not be considered for a role until it is completed. Paper audition forms will be available at the front desk at auditions or you can bring a printed out copy with you to auditions.


Audition Info:
Performers that only want to be in the ensemble and do not want to have a solo or lead part need only sign up. We are a "no cuts" group. Every performer gets a part. We are planning on two casts (one younger and the other older) if possible. If we have 50 or less cast members we may only do two performances (one for each cast). 60 or more cast members and we will do four performances (two for each cast). 


*IF YOU MISS IN PERSON AUDITIONS, we encourage you to submit a video audition with your singing and dancing abilities and other skill sets. State your name, age, and which roles you would like to be considered for, sing a cappella or with a voice off track for 30-60 seconds, then if you can dance please add one minute of your best moves. If you can tumble, tap, do color guard, or have other skills that we could use in the show be sure to include those. Edit everything together in one video and email with the YouTube link or mp4 file.

Video Submissions will accepted until April 30th at 2 pm.

​CAST LIST ANNOUNCEMENT WILL BE on Top Billing Entertainment's Instagram Live TBA.


What to Expect At Auditions:
Singing Auditions for performers that want a lead role or featured solo. Prepare 16 bars (about 30 seconds) of a Broadway or Disney song in the style of the show to sing a cappella. You are welcome to sing from the show. No karaoke tracks and an accompanist will not be available, please plan to sing a cappella.

Dance Auditions - performers will learn a routine and dance in small groups. They are welcome to show us any special skills at this time as well. (Tumbling, tap dance, etc.)

Auditions and rehearsals are at 165 N. Glendora Ave Suite A, Glendora, CA 91741


May 1 - June 11 Tuesdays & Thursdays 6-9 pm, Saturdays 4-8 pm. June 12 - July 9 Thursdays & Fridays 5-8 pm, Saturdays 5-8 pm, Sundays as needed. Not every cast member is called to every rehearsal. Cast members under 10 years old are usually done at 8 pm or earlier. See a preliminary rehearsal schedule here.


July 14-16, 2023 at Bonita Center for the Arts. If we have less than 50 performers in the cast we will do two shows on the Saturday only instead of four shows.

What You Get:
1) Over 100 hours of dance, voice, and acting instruction during rehearsal time with nationally award-winning directors and choreographers ($30,000 value – if the average rate for a babysitter is $10 an hour, then the hours parents can spend doing other things while the kids are at rehearsals is automatically worth $1,000.)

2) A fully staged Broadway style musical – full set and backdrops as well as professional costumes and props are provided for each performer ($30,000 value)

3) Four performances and rehearsals at a professional theater venue ($40,000 value).

4) 10 face microphones for lead and principal performers ($6,000 value) or studio audio recording and editing for the film production.

5) Professional accompaniment tracks ($1,000 value)

6) Scripts and rehearsal tracks for each performer, as well as access to rehearsal videos of every dance rehearsal ($2,000 value)

7) Team building exercises and family hang out nights for cast members

 Award nominations for individual performers and the entire cast including National Youth Arts and the American Prize competitions

9) Memories of being in an amazing stage show (priceless)

Total value of this show = $60,000


Costs & Deadlines:
Please attend the mandatory parent meeting before the auditions to get the full details.

Each family is required to do 10 volunteer hours during rehearsals and work at least two shows during the show weekend as well as help load all show items into storage after the last show. Each family will be required to purchase 20 tickets in addition to the monthly tuition payments and volunteer hours. Scholarships and financial aid are available for work trade and by need. Scholarship applications must be turned in to the front desk by the 2nd rehearsal day. Late applications will not be accepted.

Participation Tuition Per Month (May-July)

For Ensemble Ages 4-9 $125

For Ensemble Ages 10-18 $135

For Featured Characters All Ages $145

For Principal Characters All Ages $155

For Lead Characters All Ages $165

There will be a $300 re-blocking fee for any principals or leads who decide to quit the show.

Material Fee $35.00 per child due at first rehearsal (for scripts and cast shirts)


Bypass volunteer hours $100.00 donation
Bypass show weekend duty hours $100.00 donation
VIP Package (purchase tickets 2 weeks earlier than the general public and get a DVD of one show) $100.00

*There will be a late fee of $5.00 per week added to all late payments.
*Scholarship applications will not be accepted without the required paperwork or after the deadline. Scholarship covers tuition only. All cast members are still responsible for all other fees. 
*All cast member bios, personal ads, and one-liners must follow guidelines. All information is attached to Monday Minders or available on the Band Group.
*All tuition and fees must be paid before performance tickets may be purchased.

Additional Costs:
You will be required to provide your own dance shoes, costume shoes, dance undergarments (including tights, bloomers, tan camisole for girls/bike shorts and socks for boys), stage make-up and hair supplies.

Tickets to the performances cost $15-$35 and are not included in the tuition fees.

DVDs of the each cast will be available for purchase for $55.

Produced & Directed by Kristina Keener Ivy

Assistant Director 

Choreographed by Temria Airmet & Hannah Okerson

(626) 963-1300 or
Also please see our FAQs tab on our website

Roles Available:

Scarecrow/ Hunk (Ages 13-19) Male or Female, Baritone – G. Excellent actor, singer/dancer, charming, thoughtful, honest, clumsy. Bonus if they can tap dance.


Tin Man/ Hickory (Ages 13-19) Male or Female Baritone – G. Actor/singer/dancer. A kind-hearted romantic.


Cowardly Lion/Zeke (Ages 13-19) Male  or Female Baritone – G. Cuddly actor with excellent comic timing.


Auntie Em (Ages 13-19) Female, Maternal. Any vocal range.


Uncle Henry (Ages 13-19) Male, Good hearted, plain-speaking farmer type. Any vocal range


Wizard of Oz / Professor Marvel (Ages 13-19) Any vocal range. Character actor, father figure w/ theatrical flair. Must not be afraid of heights. We are planning to fly.


Glinda (Ages 13-19) Soprano, Witch of the North (movie) Maternal, a good witch. Must not be afraid of heights. We are planning to fly via bubble.

Wicked Witch of the West (Ages 13-19) Alto, the bad guy. Must not be afraid of heights. We are planning to fly.

Munchkins & Lions, Tigers, & Bears (Ages 3-10) small people


Featured Munchkins: (Ages 3-10) Mayor of Munchkin City, The Coroner, The Lollipop Guild, The Lullaby League.


Flying Monkeys: (Ages 8-14) Minions of the WWW (Wicked Witch of the West) Must not be afraid of heights. We are planning to fly.


Citizens of Oz (All Ages) Strong singer/dancers


The Winkies & OZ Guards (Ages 10-18) Palace guards

Poppies & Jitterbugs (All Ages) Lead Dancers

Yellow Brick Road (All Ages) Color Guard Dancers


Toto (Dog) well behaved, house broken, non-barking, good with large groups of people 

*Please note the role of Dorothy Gale has been pre-cast.

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