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You are invited to

"Nutcracker Scenes”


for performers ages 3-18

  • You are cordially invited to OPEN AUDITIONS for our Nutcracker Scenes Film Project!

    • Tuesday, Sep 29th, 2020

    • 5pm-6pm Ages 3-7

    • 6pm-7pm Ages 8-11

    • 7pm-8pm Ages 12 and Up (Optional Pointe Shoes)


Audition Info:

  • Clothing Attire: Traditional ballet attire such as black leotard, pink tights, ballet shoes, pointe shoes if applicable, hair in a bun. Please come early. Please be dressed and ready to dance when you get to the studio. 

Production Info: 

Welcome to our small production of the Nutcracker at Top Billing Entertainment. This will be our 2nd year making a small Nutcracker production directed by Jose Rodriguez and choreographed by Jose Rodriguez, Elle Haines, Art Ball and more. Please be aware that this production is an adaptation of The Nutcracker and is condensed into a 15-20 minute production. We will be filming scenes such as Party Scene, Battle Scene, Snow Scene, Arabian Leads, Spanish Lead, Russian Scene, Tea Scene and more in our studio and on location. Our goal is to film November 24th & 25th & December 1st and 2nd. We will have our video posted before Christmas so family and friends can enjoy it. For more information please contact Mr. Jose directly by email at jrodriguez071515@gmail.com


  • Rehearsals: 

This year's rehearsal for the Nutcracker will start in October-December. Each Rehearsal will be on a Tuesday from 5pm-9pm and occasional Saturday or Sunday rehearsals. Not every dancer will be needed for the entire rehearsal; each dancer will be given an exact time slot for their rehearsal. Below is an example of how our schedule will be posted, each schedule will be shown a months worth of rehearsal slots. Please feel free to ask any questions or concerns and inform Mr. Jose of any conflicts you may have regarding rehearsals.  




  • Zoom Audition Process:

Zoom Audition request will close 2 days prior to audition date (September 27th, 2020 ). This will allow instructors time to access the rosters and contact the families with audition access information. Instructors will provide participants with audition info (ie. links, password, etc) at least two days before the audition starts. 


Those who participate on Zoom for auditions will need the following:

•      Good lighting

•      Decent video quality

•      All Black Attire

•      Ballet shoes

•      Hair must be up and out of your face (preferably in a bun)

•      Enough living space to dance comfortably.


Audition Video Submission:


Auditions through video submission must be sent by the audition date (September 29th, 2020). Those interested in sending a video audition must have the following:

•   Good lighting

•   Decent video quality (not pixelated)

•   Ballet Attire

•   Hair must be out of your face

•   Full body view on video


The requirements we ask to submit on your audition video will be the following:


  • Announcement of your full name and age. If you are auditioning for a lead role or principal role please announce what you’re interested in. 

  •  A brief verbal summary about yourself and your experience in Ballet. If no Ballet experience is applicable explain why you would like to star in our production of The Nutcracker.

  • A small Adagio piece. Which means a slow and refined movement preferably in ballet technique. This can be created however you’d like or you may use choreography you’ve learned from the past.

  • A section where you demonstrate a dance or across the floor that incorporates leaps, pirouettes (turns),  jumps and kicks. Preferably in standard ballet technique.


Keep the videos as short as possible and please have all of the video requirements in one video

Costs: Free for current Dance Team or Aladdin Cast Members.

All others 3 months of tuition October, November & December

Leads $115 per month

Principals $105 per month

Featured $95 per month

Ensemble $85 per month

Depending on the role there may be an additional costume purchase or rental fee or you may be asked to purchase your own costume.



  • Clara

    • Advanced ballet dancer, pointe experience required

    • Costume fee

      • White Tights

      • Pointe shoes

  • Nutcracker

    • Advanced male dancer, ballet 3 and up

    • Costume fee

  • Drosselmeyer

    • Beginner-Intermediate male dancer, ballet experience required

    • Costume provided

  • Sugar Plum Fairy

    • Advanced Dancer, en pointe required

    • Costume fee

      • White Tights

      • Pointe shoes


  • Snow Queen

    • Advanced ballet dancer, pointe experience required

    • Costume fee

      • White Tights

      • Pointe shoes

  • Arabian Soloist

    • Advanced in both ballet and acro skills, pointe experience required

    • Costume fee

      • Pointe shoes

  • Spanish Soloist

    • Advanced ballet dancer, pointe experience required

    • Costume fee

      • Black Tights

      • Pointe shoes (red?)

  • Tea Soloist

    • Int-Adv ballet dancer, pointe experience encouraged but not required

    • Costume fee

      • White Tights

      • Pointe or ballet shoes

  • Mouse King

    • Beginner male ballet dancer

    • Costume provided

      • Black ballet shoes

  • Mouse Queen

    • Intermediate ballet dancer

    • Must be able to assist mini micr

    • Costume provided

      • Ballet shoes


  • Snow Princesses

    • Intermediate ballet dancers

    • Costume fee

      • White Tights

      • Pink ballet shoes

    • Multiple roles available

  • Spanish Dancers

    • Intermediate ballet dancers strong in jazz style

    • Costume fee

      • Black jazz shoes

    • Multiple roles available

  • Arabian Dancers 

    • Intermediate ballet Dancers with strong acro experience 

    • Costume fee

      • Tan half soles

    • Multiple roles available


  • Snowflakes

    • Beg-Adv ballet dancers

    • Ages 12-18

    • Costume provided

      • White Tights

      • Pink ballet shoes

  • Mice

    • Beginner ballet dancers

    • Ages 3-7

    • Costume provided

      • Pink Tights

      • Pink ballet shoes

  • Tea Dancers

    • Beg-Int ballet dancers 

    • Ages 7-11

    • Costume Fee

      • Black ballet shoes

  • Russian Dancers 

    • Beg-Adv ballet dancers with strong hip hop technique

    • Costume Fee

      • White sneakers

  • Party Guests

    • No dance experience required

    • Must provide own costume (fancy Christmas party attire)

      • Pink Tights

      • Pink ballet shoes

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